Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy describes what types of cookies the site (here in after“Site”) uses, why they are enabled and the ways User can enable or disable them. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site.

1. General info about cookies

A cookie is a small amount of data that enables a website to remember information. This is mostlyfor usernames and passwords, but is also used to record other information suchas search settings to improve your recommended purchases, or which articles you have read on a news site so that the headlines can be coloured differently as‘read’ when you visit again.Some users have privacy concerns about cookies and prefer not to allow them. You can allow or disallow cookies in your settings. If you do disallow cookies, be aware that some websites require cookies to loginto your account and save your preferred settings. The first time you visit awebsite that uses cookies, you will see a notice advising you that the websiteis using them. Cookies are used in order to faster access to online services and improve the activity of browsing of the User through session tracking, storage of information, faster uploading of contents, etc.

2. Types of cookies

Cookies areclassified as follows: First-Party Cookies: proprietary cookies used by the Sitein order to enable the User to browse more efficiently and/or monitor the actions he exercises; Third-Party Cookies: cookies that are set from a Site other than the one the User is currently visiting in order to allow him tobrowse more efficiently and/or to monitor the actions exercised by him. Further more, there are different types of cookies: Technical and Analytic s Cookies: cookies regarding activities strictly necessary for the operation and provision of the service (ex. session cookies to log in), cookies related to the activity of saving preferences and of optimization (ex. cookies to save thecart or language choices/currency, etc.), analytical cookies for the collection of information in an anonymous and aggregate form. Technical cookies include: Session or Browsing Cookies: used to keep track of the activity of User in the internet. They guarantee normal browsing and use of the Site, allowing for example to rapidly browsingand make a purchase or to authenticate for accessing to restricted areas, andare actually necessary for its proper functioning;Functional Cookies: allow the User to browse in accordance to a set of selected criteria (for example,language, products selected for the purchase, etc.) in order to improve theservice offered to the User; Analytics Cookies: used to collect informationregarding the use of the Site. The Data Controller uses this information forstatistical analysis and to improve the Site and to simplify its use, as well asto monitor its correct functioning. This type of cookie collects anonymous information regarding the activity of Users in the Site and regarding themodalities in which they reached the visited Site and the pages. Cookies in this category are sent from the site itself or from third-party domains. Analytical cookies may be First-Party Analytics Cookies: assimilated in terms of regulation to technical cookies whether used by the Data Controller of the Site without profiling the User, but exclusively to collect information, in an aggregate and anonymous form, regarding the number of Users and how they visit the Site for statistical purposes and to improve the performance of thesite;Third-Party Analytics Cookies: are made available by third parties and areassimilated to technical cookies if third parties do not make User profiling byusing appropriate tools to reduce the identification potential of cookies (forexample, by masking significant portions of the IP address) and withoutintegrating gathered information with other information already madeavailable.With regard to technical cookies, it is required to exclusivelyrelease the Cookie Policy without requesting the consent. Disabling or deleting the relevant cookies by accessing to the functions of the browser of the User, may compromise the optimal browsing on this Site. Profiling Cookies: used to track User browsing on the internet and to create a profile of his habits: First-Party Profiling Cookies: installed by the Data Controller to create User profiles in order to sendadvertising messages in line with the preferences displayed in the browsing inthe internet. Given their particular invasiveness in the private sphere of Users, the applicable law requires that Users, prior adequate notice regarding the use of the relevant cookies, must give their consent; Third-Party Profiling Cookies: used by third parties accessing to the information, therefore not in anonymous and aggregated modality, and crossed with other data already in their possession. The Site does not have direct control of third-parties cookies. TheUser is therefore encouraged to check the Cookie Policy on website of the thirdparty. The use of these cookies requires the acquisition of prior consent of theUser.

3. Cookies installed on the site

The cookies on this Site are: technical and analytics cookies necessaryto operate the Site, for aggregated statistical analysis and to improve and simplify the use of the Site and to save preferences of browsing and to optimize the browsing experience of the User; third party cookies which may alsomake activity of profiling and tracking of the User even without theacknow ledgement of Data Controller. For further information, we recommend the User to carefully review the privacy policies of the individual services listed below.

4. Cookies duration

Cookies have aduration determined by the expiration date or a specific action such as closing the browser set up at the time of installation. Cookies may be: Temporary orsession: used to store temporary information, allowing the User to link actions that are executed during a specific session, and are removed from the computer when the browser is turned off; Persistent cookies: used to store information, such as the login name and password of the User, in order to prevent the same User from typing them again each time he visits a specific website. These remain stored on the computer even once closed the browser.

5. Expression of consent

With respect to cookies that require consent, at the first visit of the Site, the User automatically displays a banner containing both the link to this complete Cookie Policy and the request for consent to the use of cookies. Consent can be provided by the User by clicking the OK button on the banner and/or by scrolling on the page and/or accessing to any other sections of the Site by clicking on the links on the web page below the banner itself. At any time, it is possible for the User to modify or revoke his consent.

6. How to disable cookies

The User can manage preferences relating to cookies directly in his browser and prevent third parties from installing cookies. Further, it is also possible to delete cookiesthat have been installed in the past including the cookie in which the expression of consent to the installation of cookies has been saved by this Site. Please note that disabling cookies may prevent some site’s features from working correctly. The User can find information and exercise his right to object the tracking of cookies in his browser:

Internet Explorer
 Google Chrome
‍ Mozilla Firefox
‍ Opera
 Apple Safari

In addition, cookies can be disabled by requesting opt-outs directly to third parties or via thewebsite wherethe User can manage the tracking preferences of most of the advertising tools.

7. User’s rights

The Users may exercise specific rights with respect to Personal Data processed by the Data Controller. In particular, the Userhas the rights listed below:withdraw its consent at any time; object the Processing of its Data; access its Data;monitor and request the rectification of Data;obtain a restriction of Processing; obtain the erasure or remotion ofits Personal Data;receive its Data or obtain the transfer to a different DataController;lodge a complaint before the supervisory authority for theprotection of personal data or start legal proceedings.In order to exercise these rights, Users can contact the Data Controller, White Art Walk, Avenue Gevaert 78, Genval, Belgium, Users’ requests are free of charge and performed by the Data Controller as soon as possible, any case no later than 30 days. Further information about data processing is provided inour Privacy Policy.  

Last revised on September 1, 2021, effective as of Septembre 1, 2021