Mileen Malbrain

Textile art/mixed media


Place of Monik Myle

Artistic approach

Mileen Malbrain was born on December 11, 1958 in Leuven.

Her first works of art were minimalist with a focus on rhythms, structures, reliefs, evolutions, multiplications, light & shadow. Many materials were explored and used; baked and raw clay, wood, metal, magnets, mirrors, glass and plexiglass ...

With her kinetic works, new elements such as sound and movement and the retention of attention are added. Themes such as chaos, transparency, group behavior towards individual behavior, construction, deconstruction and manipulation are also discussed.

And finally, thanks to her recent textile works, her greatest revelation has arisen: suddenly the carrier is superfluous. Something that has occupied her for a long time; "I need the support to build up my relief, but this support is also in the image and helps determine the image. How can I turn off his presence? And voilà, the many fabrics that I currently make in different materials arise without a carrier and give me many presentation options. "

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