Ise Cellier

Textile art/Printmaking


Place of Sophie Collet and Ann Schoemans

Artistic approach

Over time, Ise embroiders secret, intimate stories, where singular, hieratic characters interwine, forging their lives in unusual spaces…

Palace or mausoleum ? Cosmos or seed box ?

Humor finds this poetic universe, where the derisory rubs shoulders with the sacred.

The undetermined origins of this invented, rich people, adorned with silk and brocades, question the identity of this lost or rediscovered civilization,…and the identity of the artist herself,…in search of roots to anchor her life.

The thread, whether embroidered, sewn,stamped, forms the basis of her creations and constructs, partitions and assembles territories of paper and fabrics.

Scaffolding scraps of narratives, elliptical stories, traces,paths,sometimes interrupt and invite to wander,…to lose…the thread of history.

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